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Inspirational quotes tailored to life's events are tucked inside whimsical art packages - Article by Andrea Deering

Have you ever struggled to find the perfect gift for someone?  Something personal, unique, and memorable?  A person can have only so many tchotchkes, right?  However, just about everyone can use a daily dose of inspiration and encouragement.  That's exactly what Saginaw's Kristin Novak thought.  She's been gifting friends and family with inspiration for more than ten years.  "I love inspirational quotes and the effect they have on people," gushes Novak, who made the first inspirational gift box for her sister, Kelly.  She now sells her artsy, whimsical boxes containing insightful messages.

After giving away hundreds of her hand made boxes, in November 2009, Novak went into business with three friends to form Bee Inspired, a company dedicated to giving back and showing kindness toward others.  The company ships products throughout the United States.  Shoppers can choose from six different boxes.  The original signature art box, which sells for $44.95, is filled with 365 quotes and a recommended action.  For $28.95, you can buy the smaller boxes, each holding 90 quotes, and tailored to more specific life events; marriage, motherhood, or career success.  Novak strives to embody the quotes she selects to include in her boxes.  She has been inspired to give back from her business venture with proceeds, in the name of her niece, to the National Downs Syndrome society.

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