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LANSING, Mich. —Bee Inspired partners Kristin Novak, Leigh Kraushaar, Marsa Truscott and Sue Dickinson congratulate artist and Bee Inspired Signature Box designer Barb Hranilovich on being awarded a Silver Addy by the Mid-Michigan Creative Alliance for her artwork featured on the Bee Inspired Signature Gift Box. “Barb’s design philosophy fits the mission of Bee Inspired to lift the human spirit,” said Novak, who launched Bee Inspired last year with her partners. Bee Inspired offers a collection of unique gift boxes filled with a year’s worth of motivational quotations on rolled scrolls. A Bee Inspired inspirational box provides the recipient with daily BUZZ to transform an ordinary existence to an extraordinary experience. The messages inside give readers something to read, do, and share with others to improve their lives and lift the spirits of the people around them."Hranilovich’s design now moves on to the regional competition, which encompasses Michigan, Ohio and Illinois. The Addy is the world’s largest and arguably toughest advertising competition with over 60,000 entries annually. Designing the Bee Inspired Signature Gift Box offered Barb Hranliovich “the opportunity to be playful, with imagery as varied as the inspirational quotes the box contains, and joyful color,” she said. “The bee is a subtle presence throughout. After I saw it completed, I noticed the top seems to glow – exuding the spirit of the box. It is fun on many levels. The Bee Inspired box is available at as well as locally at Silver and Beyond boutique in the East Lansing Marriott Hotel, The Silver Rabbit in Williamston and Dr. Christine Tenaglia’s office in Okemos.

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