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Bee Inspired to Bee a Mom - Yellow Floral

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The love we Bee gals feel for our own Moms inspired us to create this Bee Inspired to Bee a Mom box.  Filled with quotes that highlight the magical experience of motherhood, this box buzzes with daily joy.

Conceptual Description: 

Bee Inspired to Bee a Mom with this unique gift box filled with 90 hand rolled, hand tied scrolls of quotes relating to the joy of parenthood.  Each scroll has printed on it one quote.  All quotes are specifically selected to reflect upon the rewarding experience of having children and being a parent.

Sample Quote:

"Perhaps the greatest social service that can be rendered by anybody to this country and to mankind is to bring up a family.” -George Bernard Shaw

This 3 3/4 inch cubed box is wrapped with delicate white florals set on a yellow backdrop which is reflective of a mother's inner beauty.

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What you will find inside each box

Each Bee Inspired box contains daily inspirational quotes, meant to uplift and inspire. The quotes are printed on parchment quality paper, hand rolled and tied into a small scroll.  The scrolls are contained in a beautiful silk organza bag, which is nestled within the box styles shown below.  Each box type contains its own themed message set.  You are sure to find the perfect set for your gift giving needs!

 All Bee Inspired boxes are made from Recycled paperboard and are Recyclable. Bee good to the Earth!

Shipping available in the US only. For international purchases, please contact us.

Read the Buzz

Each box contains daily notes to inspire and energize. It gives the reader something to read, do and share with others.

At the start of each new day select an inspirational message and Read the BUZZ.

Bee the Buzz

BUZZ with inspiration throughout the day as you take action.  Make your day a better day, make the world Get some BUZZ now!a better place by Being BUZZED!

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